Fujifilm - Manfrotto

Even years later I still think that my Fujifilm x100s was a great purchase.  I'm not sure on the shutter count of this camera, but it's got to be getting up there.  It's my go to adventure camera.  I forget how light this camera is until I have to load my Nikon D600 with grip and 85mm lens into my bag with it.  Although I didn't go to a strictly mirror-less camera set up for my photography, I do use my fuji the majority of the time I'm taking photos.  I don't remember the last time I took a landscape photo with my dslr.  It's too easy to just put the fuji on a tripod and take multiple long exposures.  So lightweight that my tripod weighs more than it does.  The only thing that this camera really lacks is the focal range.  This camera has a fixed lens, which means its got its limitations.  I do have the 50mm conversion lens for it, but that still doesn't give me the look that I like to get when shooting headshots and portraits.  Weddings and events would also be very tricky to photograph with this camera alone.  That being said if for documentary photography I think this camera is great.  I've taken it out on rainy days, snowy days, and blistering hot days and haven't had any issues with it.  

Below are a couple of photos I took while uploading photos that I took today on my fujifilm x100s onto my computer.  The first being the fuji camera, but the second is of the Manfrotto Windsor M bag that I picked up a short bit ago.  My old manfrotto bag lasted me quite a few years with few problems.  The only problems I've had are with the zippers on top and honestly I could probably fix that and I might someday.  My old Manfrotto camera bag was a black messenger bag and so I looked for another when that one finally died.  I didn't find the same one that I had, but I stumbled upon the new Windsor series.  I kind of like the look of this bag.  It has weather resistant vintage themed look with leather handle and straps.  The internal storage of this bag is much better than my old bag and it came with some really useful dividers for lenses or speed lights.  My only gripe with this bag has been with the leather straps on the front.  Or more specifically the magnets that are supposed to keep them closed.  The magnets aren't strong enough and at times will come loose.  Then it takes a moment to get the magnet to the right position to stay closed again.  I'm sure that this could be annoying in certain situations like weddings, but so far I have been able to manage it.  

Fujifilm x100s
Manfrotto Windsor