Portrait Shoot - Jalynn

This month has been more hectic and busy than I had hoped and because of this I haven't been taking as many photos as I had originally expected.  I plan on ramping portraits back up though and still have 'Christmas in July' photography sale going on until the end of the month.  Great way to save up to $50 on portraits this summer.  I plan on doing some more promotional sales down the road as well so be sure to keep coming back to stay up to date of great sales I offer.  Message me to set up a shoot today!

Below are some more portraits that I took of Jalynn at our portrait shoot a little while ago.  I don't think I'll ever go full black and white with my photography, but it is fun to set forth shooting with the intention of black and white photos, which is what I did with these photos.  I think they came out well and the black and white keeps them uniform and part of an obvious series.  Was a lot of fun shooting with Jalynn and hope to do it again sometime in the future!

portait jalynn
headshot jalynn
portrait jalynn

I also have a new watermark that I have been putting on my photos.  In the past I have used my name in the corner with copyright and the year, but have switched to my logo instead.  Below is a photo of the watermark that'll be on the majority of my photos. 

matthew richards photography logo