Exploring Maine

I have recently been going through photos that I have taken over the past several years.  I've found a lot of photos of Maine landscapes and it makes me want to get out and start shooting more and exploring Maine more.  I'm lucky to have lived in such an amazing part of the world.  The seasons make New England interesting and unpredictable.  Below are some of the photos I have taken while Exploring.

pleasant mountain

Above is a photo I took while hiking Pleasant Mountain.  Hiking a mountain in Maine guarantees a view of lush green trees and many lakes and ponds.  

maine mountains
maine mountains
maine mountain
fuji x100s maine map
pine point beach maine

Above is a photo of Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, Maine.  Below is a shot from Higgins Beach at sunset.  Maine is home to one of the most amazing coasts any state has to offer. 

Higgins Beach Maine
ferry beach maine
Ferry Beach Maine
Portland From South Portland

Above is a shot of Portland as seen from across the Bay in South Portland at sunset.  

maine lighthouse
maine coast
maine coast
winter maine lake
maine frozen lake
pine point maine