October Updates

With the arrival of October I've felt an increasing urge to get out and do things.   The weather has dropped to the 50s over the past couple of weeks, which makes the hiking weather a little more comfortable, however I think I may need to dig out the winter hats soon as my ears tend to get cold pretty quickly. 

This month I am offering Portrait Shoots starting at $75 for an individual shoot and $100 for a group or family shoot.  I'm excited to get outside and shoot the beautiful foliage and scenes with people.  People come from all over to New England to Leaf peep this time of year and I think it is an amazing place and time to get your photos done and to take advantage of the fall rates I offer.   

Below are a couple of photos I took while out and about this past week.  The first is a photo I took at the top of Rattlesnake Mountain in Raymond, Maine.  It was a bit of a misty morning which meant the views weren't quite as good as they can be, but it was nice seeing the change in the leaves from up on the mountain.  The second photo below is one that I took while walking towards Thompsons Point in Portland, Maine.  The sun was setting and the orange and yellow sky was reflecting off of the water.  I'm looking forward to taking many more hikes and walks this fall and taking photos.  

Rattlesnake Mountain
Portland Sunset